Who we are

Hope for a better future for Port Phillip and frustration with politics as usual led to the formation of Progressive Port Phillip. A series of discussions reinforced a belief that Port Phillip must be a place for all not just for some. And to achieve that, we need a bold, responsive and efficient Council that works in all our interests.

Progressive Port Phillip is a movement of local people from all walks of life, including many with experience in advocating for more effective services in areas like child care, the environment, housing, heritage, planning, transport, women’s rights, LGBTIQ rights, education and more. We also have extensive policy, management and business experience. Our personal stories reflect the disadvantage, migration, aspiration and hard work emblematic of Port Phillip.

Progressive Port Phillip is non-partisan and will not stand candidates in the Council election, nor endorse political parties. We will promote progressive policies to all candidates and raise awareness of issues and analysis. We will assess candidate profiles and their policy intentions and share this information to inform voters.

Progressive Port Phillip started with discussions across civil society in Port Phillip. It involved people active in the arts, community services, businesses and much more. Some are also involved in the Community Alliance of Port Phillip (CAPP); the Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network (PECAN); The Greens; and Labor. We cannot and do not speak for any organisations. We are our own voice. 

Share with us your ideas about what you want for your community of Port Phillip.

Join us in campaigning for policies which will create that future for our community.

Be part of a movement for change.

Visit us at our Community Hub 162 Acland Street St Kilda