Progressive Port Phillip Fundraising Raffles

To assist Progressive Port Phillip meet its goals we need to raise funds. Port Phillip residents have donated a number of fantastic prizes to raffle.

There are 3 raffles. You select the prize that you would like to win and enter that raffle. (And a fourth raffle just added )

You can enter all three raffles. There is no limit to the number of tickets that you buy but there is a limit to the number of tickets that are for sale for each raffle.

Of course, if you are not interested in a raffle you are welcome to make a donation of any amount anyway here.  

All money raised will go to assist Progressive Port Phillip achieve its objectives of promoting progressive policy, disseminating local information and encouraging community engagement with the 2020 Council election. Be assured that just as Progressive Port Phillip does not endorse or support any candidates, we do not contribute any funds to any candidate election campaigns.


The Raffles


The Art Package (Raffle #1)  tickets $20

Have you been looking at your walls more often than you would like in these difficult times and realise you need a piece of fantastic art? In fact, this painting will fit into the home of anyone. 

The Art Package is a wonderful painting of the Ngargee Tree donated by local artist Pam O’Neil.

The painting was part of an Exhibition; “White gloss – Port Phillip before and after white people”.  It depicts the giant red gum near the Junction Oval that is a survivor of white settlement and is sacred to the Traditional Owners of the land, the Boon Wurrung people. For hundreds of years it has served as a meeting place for the Boon Wurrung people.

The painting is valued at about $1,500 and the total number of tickets sold will be 250.

Click here to read more and buy an Art Package raffle ticket.


The ‘Bold and Beautiful’ Wine Raffle (Raffle #2) tickets $20

This package of a dozen wines is from the cellar of a local collector (some might say an obsessed fanatic). It is a mixed dozen - whites and reds, some bubbles and fortified, some expensive and some less so, and some no longer available at retail outlets. All have been selected to showcase a variety of Australian styles and regions, and include wines from Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, and New South Wales.

The value this mixed dozen is valued at over $600 and the total number of tickets sold will be 200.

Click here to read more and buy a ‘Bold and Beautiful’ Wine Package raffle ticket.


The Summer Reading Package (Raffle #3) tickets $20

This package of 16 books ranges from the 'never read’ libraries of Progressive Port Phillip supporters. Some were gifts that they had already read and Christmas presents that they have never got around to reading. It is an eclectic range of biography, crime, historical fiction and a Booker prize winner.

The Book Package is valued over $500 and the total number of tickets sold will be 150.

Click here to read more and buy a Summer Reading Book Package raffle ticket.

The Jon Cattapan Painting (Raffle #4)  tickets $50

Imagine a Raft - Surveillance Version is a work by well-known Australian artist and former St Kilda resident, whose works deal primarily with ways of representing urban topographies and narratives. 

Click here to read more and buy a Jon Cattapan raffle ticket.




The Raffles will be drawn via a Zoom event on Friday October 30.  All those who purchase a ticket will be invited via the email provided.

Prizes can be picked up from the Progressive Port Phillip Hub or delivered wherever is convenient and allowed for under the COVID restrictions.