Port Phillip’s big year

2020 will be imprinted on our lives for a long time to come.

Bushfires and covid-19 presented huge challenges and exposed the searing importance of climate change and deep inequalities in our economy and society. The US election was one of the most important in decades.

Progressive Port Phillip emerged in this context and with an optimism about how we could together shape the future of our municipality and local democracy.

We provide an update of PPP’s activities this year HERE: it’s a record of achievement and strong community engagement. We produced 17 weekly news bulletins and published 32 policy articles. More than twelve hundred people subscribed to PPP and hundreds of locals participated in zoom events, neighbourhood meetings and policy discussions about the 2020 Council election.

This was the first postal election for Port Phillip and over 59,000 formal votes were cast. The turnout rate was 70% - compared to less than 50% in 2016. It was a good election for incumbents, with five of six sitting councillors returned. And support for women candidates was a significant feature of the election, with the number of women elected up from three to five.

Our congratulations to all the elected councillors. And best wishes to our new Mayor, Louise Crawford.

Support for candidates recommended by PPP was strong, with 31,426 votes cast for 11 candidates recommended by PPP (53%) compared to 24,018 (41%) for combined 11 Ratepayers of Port Phillip/Liberal candidates and others who directed their preferences to them.

There’s a great platform to embed the creativity and compassion so evident during the pandemic and to inspire a new politics in Port Phillip. Let’s get to work in 2021. We’ll be in touch then.

You can read our short analysis of the City of Port Phillip elections HERE.

Louise, Ed and the PPP team