Local Council Election in Port Phillip

You can shape the future of your neighbourhood and community through the October 2020 Election for the next Port Phillip Council.

The Election is a powerful way of expressing your voice, concerns and issues.

And this Election will be the most important local election in a generation.

It will be a stark choice between a vision to ensure Port Phillip is an even better place to live and work and policies that will slash basic services and cut investment in things that make Port Phillip great including the arts, housing, child care, our open spaces and more.


Voting is compulsory for tenants, homeowners, local business


Getting your ballot paper and voting


Voting is by a postal ballot issued to all enrolled voters by the Victorian Electoral Commission. Expect to receive your ballot papers in the letterbox on and after October 6. Allow time for deliveries under Covid conditions.

Complete your vote carefully. Write a sequential set of numbers in order of your preference, ensuring that you fill EVERY box. We have put together information on all of the candidates in your ward on our webpage choice.progressiveportphillip.org

Your guide to the 2020 Port Phillip Council Elections


Remember to post your ballot paper back!


Please remember to put your complete ballot in the post by 6pm on Friday, 23 October at the latest.

Do it sooner and you do not have to worry about it.

To have your say, you must be enrolled to vote.


It is now too late to enrol or make sure your enrolment details is up to date, as the rolls closed at 4pm on Friday, 28 August, 2020. But you can enrol or update your enrolment details for the NEXT election and not have to worry about it again, by visiting the VEC here

Nominations to stand for Council closed at 12 noon, Tuesday 22 September.