Progressive Port Phillip

For a creative, compassionate community and a responsive, efficient Council

Progressive Port Phillip is a community campaign for stronger local democracy and a better future for our Port Phillip community. Together, we champion a generous, equitable, environmentally sustainable future deeply informed by everyone in the City of Port Phillip.

Progressive Port Phillip is guided by three overarching concerns/principles:

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Supporting equity and the common good

ENVIRONMENT: Collective action for a sustainable future

COMMUNITY: Strengthening local democracy

They are at the heart of all our activities and advocacy.

Supporting equity and the common good: 

Fighting for a caring and just City that is a home for all, with:

  • generous services for older residents, people with disabilities, mother and children, including affordable, high-quality childcare and vital libraries;
  • ongoing investment in new and renewed social housing;
  • a celebrated and diverse arts community;
  • networks of parks, safe foot paths and bike paths;
  • vibrant neighbourhood economies, equitably supported to ensure survival of key sectors, including micro businesses and not-for-profits that meet local needs and create local jobs.


Collective action for a sustainable future:

Pushing hard to address climate change urgently on all fronts to:

  • challenge resistance to an environmentally sustainable future;
  • re-imagine waste management and recycling to achieve a zero waste and circular economy that turns waste into a useful resource;
  • completely convert to renewable energy to achieve a zero-carbon community;
  • capture and re-use water, and instigate widespread tree planting to become a cool, climate adapted community.


Strengthening local democracy:

Engaging the community in setting Council directions and policies so that it:

  • genuinely incorporates people in decisions for our community;
  • demonstrates sound governance and strong finances, and is responsive and efficient;
  • builds marvellous community assets;
  • acts always in the interests of future generations as much as for the present.


Join us in campaigning for the future we need to build right now.

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