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Progressive Port Phillip is an invitation to imagine and deliver a better future for our community, to encourage each one of us to think more deeply about what our neighbourhood and the larger City of Port Phillip could become.

Join us to inspire a new vision in Port Phillip - where every voice is powerful and heard; equity, fairness and environmental sustainability are at the heart of what we do; and where the community comes first.

Find out more about our vision and who we are.

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Port Phillip screening of The Big Deal: Is our democracy for sale? + a Q&A with Craig Reucassel, Saffron Zomer and Tim Costello AO
Tuesday 12 October, 5pm | ONLINE | Free, but with limited spaces. |
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    Asking About The Arts

    By proclaiming itself 'a creative and prosperous city' Port Phillip is boldly claiming creativity as a core value defining the city. This is a wonderful invitation to engage the imagination, but it comes as part of a conjunction with wealth which causes us to wonder about how the arts and the economy are connected.


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    PPP Submission on the Port Phillip Draft Plan and Budget 2021

    Progressive Port Phillip welcomes Council’s continuing investment in important community services outlined in the draft 2021/22 Budget and the opportunity to contribute to Council’s finalisation of it.


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